KROHNE Academy online – Web Based Training for the process industry

KROHNE Academy online gives you direct access to the knowledge and vast experience of one of the leading suppliers in industrial process measurement.

Our Academy is dedicated to people involved in process measurement that come into contact with different measurement principles on a daily basis, as well as to students or to interested parties who wish to bring their knowledge of measurement techniques and applications in technical installations up- to-date.

For our Web Based Training no special knowledge is required, but it is useful to have a technical understanding.

What are the main benefits of our learning platform?

  • Independent product and commercial-free learning material
  • A clear structure to the learning units: measurement principles, sizing, advantages and limits of operation, applications and industries
  • Free and unlimited use of the platform and of all available courses
  • Available in up to 4 languages: DE, EN, FR, CN
  • Independent of time and place, repetition of courses, decision of own learning speed
  • Current learning progress and attainment of a certificate
  • Discussion and interaction with our experts on specific issues

The KROHNE Academy Online is a free program of KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH. KROHNE offers web-based trainings to participants for non-commercial use only. All rights to the platform and its contents belong to KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH. Duplication of contents and its disclosure to third parties is prohibited without permission from KROHNE.
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